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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

About Department

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) offers a vibrant learning. The Department is committed to the advancement of the frontiers of knowledge in electrical engineering and to provide the students with a stimulating and rewarding learning experience.

The department admits students for 4 years B.Tech. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Programme along with 3 years Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (DEEE) Programme. The academic activities are supported by eight well equipped laboratories. All Laboratories are having state-of-the-art infrastructure. All the facilities are arranged as per the norms of the affiliating university.

Our faculty are committed to render their services to guide the students in the fields of their interest. Even during tough times our faculty members are committed to engage the students through online teaching very effectively. The research interest of faculty members encompasses a wide gamut of sub-discipline of Electrical Engineering collaboration with researcher from other discipline, both within and outside the institute and industries is encouraged.

The department has strong industry interaction and has been involved in providing opportunity to the students in terms of Field trips, Industrial Visits, Expert lectures, Industry Oriented Mini-Projects, Major Projects etc.,

The department is strong with senior faculty members and experts in various fields of electrical engineering. The broad area of expertise includes Power system, Digital Signal Processing, Application of Artificial Intelligence in Electrical Engineering, Control systems, Power System Transients, Distribution Automation, High Voltage Engineering Power Quality and FACTS devices, condition monitoring of electrical equipment etc.,

I welcome you to the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), Khammam Institute of Technology & Sciences (KITS), Khammam

Krishna Prasad Chakrala

Head of the Department, EEE


Electrical and Electronics Engineering, like other branches of Engineering,is a very dynamic department. Since its inception the department shown a study progress in terms of the results and also placements. This has been achieved through a concentrated training in the subject matter both in theory and laboratories. The department is having all the state-of-the-art infrastructure.

These Laboratories of the Department are the main facility for instruction in the operation,testing, and control of electric machinery and electric power equipment viz., various electrical switchgear,transformers,dynamometers,analog and digital meters,load banks(restrictive,inductive and capacitive),and other equipment are also available for expreriments in electrical engineering.Laboratory experiments in industrial controls make use of programmable Logic Controllers(PLCs) and a varaity of control relays,contractors and timers.

The experience in these laboratories is very crucial in the execution of Project works,field works,and also the students are highly motivated to execute hobby projects.

We provide students with adequate practical knowledge of electrical equipment which is of clear interest in their future professional endeavours.

The Laboratories of the department aim to equip students with knowledge and skills in electric power technology that can be applied directly in industry.

The main laboratories of the department include

  • Network Lab
  • Electrical Measurements Lab
  • Control Systems Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Simulation & Electrical Systems Lab
  • Electro Mechanics Lab-I
  • Electro Mechanics Lab-II
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Lab


In addition, we have also established

  • Electrical Wiring Lab
  • Electrical Engineering workshop




Faculty Development Prgoramms

In addition, we have also established



Our Vision



Faculty Id Faculty Name Faculty Designation
15 NAGU BHUKYA Associate Professor
11 SHAIK CHINNA NAGULMEERA Associate Professor
13 CHILAKALA NAGARJUN Associate Professor
14 GOWRY SHANKAR MATTA Assistant Professor
09 DARAVATH NARESH Associate Professor
08 PRAVEEN KUMAR KOMMU Assistant Professor
07 THODETI VEERABABU Associate Professor
06 MONGARAPU ANIL KUMAR Assistant Professor
05 DEVULAPALLI SOWMYA Associate Professor